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At Wolf River Seal Coating, we pride ourselves on offering excellent service at competitive prices.
Call with dimensions / square footage for an instant quote. Kyle (920)858-3717 or Lauren (920)716-3245
Wolf River Sealcoating is a trusted name in Oneida WI, and the East Central Wisconsin area, for Quality Asphalt Sealcoating, Crack Filling, Asphalt Patching and Parking Lot Asphalt Striping. Our focus always remains the same; Maintain quality asphalt surfaces.

We offer affordable residential & commercial crack filling, asphalt patching, asphalt sealcoating, and striping in Oneida WI, and all the surrounding Fox River Valley, WI Area.

"We strive for excellence, and treat every job as if it were our own"
Kyle Boelter | President / Wolf River Sealcoating

Driveway asphalt/blacktop condition has a significant impact on residential property value & appearance, same as parking lot asphalt/blacktop has for first impressions, and therefore, income potential for a commercial property. Keeping your parking lot or driveway asphalt  looking nice is vital to help make positive impressions on customers or visitors, and will also extend the life of your blacktop driveway or asphalt parking lot area.

Like your roof or carpet, blacktop has a lifespan. Even if you don’t know how old your asphalt driveway or parking lot is, one thing is clear; You want your blacktop looking it's best, and to last as long as possible. If you see cracks or other clues that your Oneida WI asphalt driveway/parking lot is ready for crack filling, & need the asphalt resealed, have Wolf River Sealcoating take a look at it. Regular crack filling, and sealcoating can more than double the lifespan of asphalt!

We offer blacktop/asphalt sealcoating, crack filling, and parking lot striping services for your Oneida WI Residential Driveways, Commercial Parking Lots and other misc Asphalt/Blacktop areas.
Expert Residential/Commercial Oneida WI Area Asphalt Sealcoating/Repair/Asphalt Crack Filling/Striping
Expert Residential/Commercial Oneida WI Area Asphalt Sealcoating/Repair/Asphalt Crack Filling/Striping
Wolf River Sealcoating Services Oneida WI

Commonly Asked Questions
Q. Can I get an estimate over the phone?
A. Absolutely! If you know the size or dimensions of your project, we can often give you a fairly accurate or possibly exact estimate very quickly.
Actually, we prefer to do this if possible, so you know whether you would like to proceed and have us meet with you to give you an exact bid if needed.

Q. What if I don’t know the size, and I am unable to measure it?
A. We would be happy to meet with you, or just stop by and measure your project to give you a free quote; Just give us a call!

Q. Why should I hire Wolf River Sealcoating to do my sealcoating?
A. Wolf River Sealcoating uses only the best materials and application techniques, and we want our customers happy with a quality job that will look great, and help your asphalt last as long as possible.

Q. Will I get the lowest price from Wolf River Sealcoating?
A. Possibly, but not always; what you will get is a fair price on a quality job that was given the extra thought and effort to make it look better, and last longer. We supply top quality materials and superior workmanship backed by hundreds of quality completed projects.

Expert Residential/Commercial Oneida WI Area Asphalt Sealcoating/Repair/Asphalt Crack Filling/Striping
Wolf River Sealcoating
Kyle Boelter (920) 858-3717

Wolf River Sealcoating, your local Contractor, Proudly Serving Oneida WI, and the entire East Central WI area.

Wolf River Sealcoating Oneida WI

It's Called What?
Asphalt Sealcoating is the proper terminology, but many refer to residential or commercial sealing or resealing of asphalt in other terms such as, parking lot blacktop reseal / re-seal, sealant, asphalt paint finish, driveway asphalt retar / re-tar / retarring / re-tarring, new tar coat, asphalt covering on driveway, blacktop resurface, repave / repaving / re-pave, black asphalt topcoat / topcoating / top coating / driveway asphalt topping, surface repair / repairing, or even  just; the new black, pretty, shiny surface, asphalt driveway / parking lot resurfacing / repairing.

Wolf River Sealcoating knows what you mean & what you need for your Oneida WI asphalt maintenance, and we’re here to help you!

Wolf River Sealcoating, a "Quality First Oneida WI Asphalt Seal Coating Contractor", supplying the Oneida WI & Fox River Valley area with superior asphalt crack filling, patching, asphalt sealing or resealing, and asphalt parking lot striping / restriping.

Whether sealing a blacktop driveway or resealing a large parking lot area, Give Wolf River Sealcoating a chance to bid your Oneida asphalt sealcoating project,  We're sure you won't be disappointed!

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